The Three Most Unexpected Boot Trends Set To Dominate 2020

The Three Most Unexpected Boot Trends Set To Dominate 2020


Each year, we're faced with plummeting temperatures that force us to switch out of our linen dresses in favour of our winter go-to's. When it comes to winter fashion though, one style never loses favour in the fashion world: a trusty pair of boots. They've been patiently waiting for the temperature to drop, and now it's officially time to crack open the shoe cupboard and reach for your favourite pair. 

While boots last for seasons, there are some new trends that emerge each year. Thankfully for us, 2020 seems to be about reinvention - dipping into styles most of us probably already own. Below, we've rounded out three of the most unexpected boot trends set to dominate this year and where you can shop them. 

Chunky Boots

It’s no secret that designers and fashion followers alike have an undying love affair with the chunky shoe. A style that was shunned for years in favour of its simpler, daintier cousin, the chunky dad sneaker made an unprecedented comeback in the way of the Balenciaga Triple S – capturing the hearts of street style connoisseurs the world over, as did the Chanel velcro-strap sandals this past summer. Cult-favourite designer brands The Row and Bottega Veneta are leading the trend back around, providing us with the perfect excuse to keep the chunky shoe alive as the mercury drops.

Square-Toe Boots

The square-toe trend is by no means new, with the unique design defining our summer heels (you know, those Bottega Veneta's). But, while it's too chilly to bare our feet, the trend has moved on to the boot department gifting us with a fun way of upgrading our winter wardrobe. Fashion houses like Loewe have gone a step further, mixing in colours and detailings to give the trend a new edge. 

White Boots

White boots can seem a little intimidating, but think of how many outfits you've created with your trusty sneakers. This neutral colour will match almost anything, and is the perfect addition to your winter rotation - especially when wanting to add a little something to your black and neutral jumper collection. 

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